DIY Rhinestone Box: Acrylic Gem Globe Jewelry Holder

DIY Rhinestone Box: Acrylic Gem Globe Jewelry Holder

2024/5/21   100   Bag Wallet, Imitation Jewellery Accessories, Diy Handicraft

This is a globe-shaped jewelry rhinestone jewelry box, made using acrylic gems. At the top of the ‘North Pole’, there's a button encrusted with a large purple acrylic gem. The continents and oceans of the globe are decorated with multicolored small acrylic gems, forming a captivating rhinestone box for jewelry. Acrylic gems are perfect for DIY crafts and can be used to create various decorative items, adding atmosphere to living spaces. As a gemstone manufacturer, Hwa Tien offers high-quality and affordable acrylic rhinestones. We welcome stationery and acrylic DIY kit manufacturers to contact us for collaboration.


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