Leopard Red Rhinestone Heels for Valentine's Day: Embodying Passion and Charm

2023/10/22   3948   Wedding Decoration, Shoes, Fashion Accessories

These leopard red rhinestone heels are adorned with various shapes of acrylic gemstones, including squares, teardrops, olives, shields, and others. Delicately encircled with crystal rhinestones, each unique pattern resembles the primal markings of a leopard. Wear these leopard red rhinestone heels to a romantic dinner, exuding passionate and bold self-expression for Valentine's Day. Hwa Tien, the acrylic gemstone manufacturer, offers a variety of exquisite rhinestones for fabric applications, adding unique charm to products. Shoe manufacturers are welcome to contact us to order acrylic rhinestones and to create your unique boutique shoe designs!

Leopard_Red_Rhinestone_Heels (1).jpg

Leopard_Red_Rhinestone_Heels (2).jpg

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