Fantasy Movie Motorcycle: A Dazzling Street Rhinestones Craft

Fantasy Movie Motorcycle: A Dazzling Street Rhinestones Craft

2024/6/14   100   Houseware, Diy Handicraft, Gift Stationery

This sci-fi motorcycle has been meticulously adorned to become a dazzling rhinestone craft. Using acrylic stones of various shapes and colours, the bike features a design of Versailles roses and other elements, transforming this classic motorcycle into a magnificent piece of art craft. Every inch showcases unique and exquisite rhinestone designs. As rhinestone jewellery suppliers, Hwa Tien offers a variety of rhinestone craft supplies, suitable for various creative projects. Whether a sci-fi motorcycle is needed for a fantasy movie, our acrylic stones can significantly enhance the props. Contact us to create your sci-fi world.


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