Hwa Tien: Acrylic Gemstone Supplier, Expert in Rhinestones Field

Hwa Tien Acrylic Gemstone Supplier, the Expert in Rhinestones Field

Hwa Tien is one of leading rhinestone manufacturers from Taiwan, insisting "Made in Taiwan" for quality assurance and competitive price. We offer brilliant acrylic stones and acrylic bead stones fulfilling any of your art craft design needs. Acrylic crystals bulk and OEM service are offered as well. Our vivid rhinestones have been exported all over the world.

Latest Products

Hwa Tien is an acrylic gemstones supplier that manufactures a great selection of acrylic stones. We offer faceted cutting-flat back, sharp back, half, mirror, check, one-hole, two-holes acrylic gemstones with varieties of shapes and colors. OEM service is provided. Welcomed to order your ideal materials from us. Please contact us for more details.

Rhinestone Applications

Hwa Tien rhinestones wholesale supplier produces varieties of acrylic gemstones for diverse usages, can be applied to cosmetic, hair, nails, jewelry, bag and shoes accessories etc. trendy fashion industries and DIY decorations, such as acrylic gemstones art craft, greeting card, 3C electronics and housewares.

Color Chart

Hwa Tien as a specialized acrylic gemstone factory, we offer rhinestone OEM service. Here is our color chart for your reference. There are transparent, pearl, matt, AB color, opaque, original, lacquer, jelly, spark, animal print and other special-treatment colors.


As a professional rhinestone manufacturer, we provide acrylic rhinestone OEM service. This is our acrylic stone catalog for your reference. Various shapes and forms like round, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, octagon, drop, heart, flower, horse eye, badge, star, 8-angle star, butterfly, ameba etc. polygon give your art craft designs a best arrangement.


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